Kids rocking chair in Simei Street 4, East Singapore for sale

Kids rocking chair
Kids rocking chair
Kids rocking chair
Kids rocking chair

bObles Elephant 6 Layers, Turquoise
EVA foam with soft surface
Designed and made in Denmark
BObles is a playful interior environment for children. The tumbling animals can be used as furniture, but is meant for play. The whole idea is to enhance the childrens motor skills while playing
All the tumbling animals can stand alone and will in each their own way influence the motor skill development in a positive direction but to have more tumbling animals together as an obstacle course will give enormous opportunities for bodily development.
Made of EVA foam with soft surface and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.
Makes no noise, do not make any damages to the floor, furniture etc
Free of any toxins and phthalates
Perfect for an obstacle course
Kids will love this "chair", it can be sit at anyway they like, just need some imagination:)